Friday, January 4, 2008

OMFG Blue Beetle #22 is so great.

Seriously. I'm squeeing every two pages or so. Its so freaking good, I got a warm feeling right in my crotch, and now I have to tell you all about it.

Why is it so good? Is it because of the warm characterization, snappy dialog, the perfect recap page, two subplots that advance measurably and contain small emotional payoffs in only two pages apiece, the main plot getting into gear with exposition that doesn't really feel too forced, a nice little super-hero smackdown and setting the stage and raising the stakes?

And moments like this:

For every issue of Blue Beetle you don't buy, God kills a Sinestro-Kitten.

Holy shit, and I haven't even mentioned my two new favourite characters yet.

Danni Garrett: Granddaughter of the first Blue Beetle, heir of Ted Kord's gizmos and scientific smarts, and made of win.

And, of course, Tovar.

(Whose visual resemblance to Kid Devil is entirely co-incidental.)

I demand a Tovar mini-series! Now!

All I'm really saying is, if you don't purchase Blue Beetle, and it gets canceled, then you have helped to murder something unique and precious.

In other news, Crime Bible is still good. But you knew that. Batwoman (Kate) and the Question's (Renee's) relationship is written well, believably, touchingly, and without exploitation. (Seriously: It feels wrong to call them Batwoman and the Question. They're Kate and Renee. That is the mark of characters you buy into and believe in- that they gain real names.) But you knew that too. Mathew Clark's art is expressive and moody and great except for a couple of panels where Renee's eyes go all manky, but you didn't need me to tell you this.

What you need me to tell you is:

Stacy is the glue that holds the GCPD together.

No, wait, thats not it.

Oh yeah. Here it is.

That dude Flay is stone cold.



Ami Angelwings said...

Blue Beetle #22 IS great so was Crime Bible :D

Blue Beetle was okay in Titans too tho McKeever only seems to take the "newbie smartmouth" part of him when writing him and he comes off as more like Spider-Man than Blue Beetle. :(

Tho that might be b/c BB is kinda similar to SM and he just came off writing SM loves MJ xD

Owesome said...

I keep on wanting to pick up Teen Titans but my wallet won't let me. And I'm worried they're gonna cancel it for that Winnick train-wreck.

Oh, yeah, and remind me to post about the Miss Martian/Supergirl California road trip story idea I had. It'll be a bold new direction for Supergirl! ^_^

Ami Angelwings said...

I like this idea! :D They should take along Jaime >_>;;