Thursday, January 24, 2008

Countdown 14: Who Booked This?

Scans Daily has a selection of scans from Countdown 14, and while the whole freaking thing is hilarious, there's three bits I want to comment on:

1) You know your characters have no substance when even the colourist can't tell the difference between EXTREEEME~! Jason Todd and EXTREEEME~! Batman.

2) To continue the meta-commentary on the relationship between the readers and the publisher, pay attention to the conversation between Evil!Superman (henceforth called Fanboy Prime) and the Evil Monitor (hereafter reffered to as DC Comics Editorial.)

DC: We gave you a perfect, happyhappy earth. And then we invaded it.

FP: WHY?!?!

DC: Because you will buy anything we'll print.


DC: Well, yes, but, we're still selling 70~80k books a week to you. Haw haw!

2b) I love that Fanboy Prime goes all Liefeld on the third page. Complete with flipper-feet. Oh, symbolism, how I love thee.

3) More a general comment- notice how Countdown is a lot better when they focus mostly on one storyline and don't do one-page callouts to other crossovers? Huh? Huh, DC? You paying attention here?

In other news: THRILL to my first ever poll! Who is... the FUTURE BEETLE! Also, I'm taking questions for the 10 Characters of Doom meme, after being tagged by Ami yonks ago. I've got a list of 10 characters written down, and if you post questions in the comments section of this post, like "1 breaks 5's ant farm, how does 8 help them fix it before they notice?" and I'll answer them all when I get enough questions. So gets askin'!


Ami Angelwings said...

Maybe you shoudl make a seperate post for the 10 chars of doom so ppl dun get confused :)

Ami Angelwings said...

Hrm.. I guess I'll have to ask here then.. questions to follow! :D