Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why I Read Them Wimmins Blogs

Almost all of my comics blogosphere reading is comprised of blogs by female comics fans who tend to comment on issues of gender in comics: Karen Healey, Ami Angelwings, WFA, Leftarrow, Ragnell, Tamora Pierce, Occasional Superheroine. I agree with many of their points and hopes for mainstream comics, but thats not all of it. I identify with the feminist comics movement for purely selfish reasons.

I want comics to be better. I want better stories.

A story is comprised of many different bits. There's the plot. There is text and subtext. There are themes, intended and unintentional. There are characters, and their characterization.

There is no feminist comics agenda, or hive-vagina mind. But the common thread I've noticed in all the feminist comics blogs I've followed is:

They want female characters to be fully fleshed out, to be allowed to achieve their full potential. They want the stories to be better.

I can get behind that, and can't understand anyone who can't.


Ami Angelwings said...


I'm honoured that I'm included with all the ppl I greatly respect considering I'm not rly at their level. :]

I want comics to be good in general :D I started out just doing comic reviews neways so it's all about wanting things to be more entertaining with better stories that rely less on "cheats" to get by (cheesecake, deus ex machina, etc) and have respect for the readers :)

I'm glad you like reading my blog! :D

Owesome said...

Ami: Your blog(s) are great! I'm just glad you like mine, as hollow and poorly updated as it is. ^_^