Sunday, December 2, 2007

Countdown to Mystery is Actually Neato

I've been following this book because of a really neat interview with writer Steve Gerber, and it has yet to disapoint.

That is to say: The Dr. Fate part of the book hasn't disappointed- the back-up feature with JeanClipso corrupting Plastic Man is... um...

How can I say this nicely?


At least the art's pretty though:

Dr Fate's story, however, is an account of one man dragging himself up from the pits of despair (Las Vegas); a man wrestling with his doubts and depression and the train wreck he's made of his own life, yet still finding worth in this torrid existence.

Plus, a spiffy hat.

I guess that the story resonates with me because I'm also prone to depression? And also wear spiffy hats?

I'm just worried, though, that this story won't find its audience- it reads more like an early Vertigo tale (circa Animal Man, perhaps?) rather than something that should have the Countdown brand slapped across it.


panels of foot-to-face action! Not quite up to the heady boots-to-face ratio of, say, Iron Fist, but its good to know the meme is spreading.

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