Thursday, December 20, 2007

Being Slightly Unfair

I was re-reading the interview series with Greg Rucka tonight, and this bit made me immediately think of Judd Winick, Green Arrow/Black Canary, et al:

EN: Maybe that’s the proper question to ask, not why, or when, or who, but what did the Question’s death bring to the story….

GR: There are multiple answers to that, I think. First and foremost, it was a good story, that did what a good story should do — it left an impact, it made the reader feel something, and it had worth. It wasn’t, shall we say, just killing a character for the sake of seeing their blood spill.

I think that that is what really ticks me off about the way GA/BC has been going: Ollie's "death," Connor's "death"... they're so... emotionally hollow and cynical. They're cheating: getting a cheap rise from the reader with a cheap shock. Its about as sophisticated as scaring a horror movie audience with a character turning the corner to be confronted with a major chord, and combined with all the other arbitary character deaths over the DCU lately, about as meaningful.

Hopefully, now that Greg Rucka's going back to freelancing, he'll have time to give writing workshops to Winnick and DC's other hatchet men. Lord knows they need it.

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Ami Angelwings said...

I hate when deaths are used in that way. :\ That's part of the complaint of WiR, not that women are being killed, but that women are either being picked to be killed or created to be killed (often as the cute neighbour or g/f) simply b/c they are women, b/c killing women (and children) get a bigger "rise" out of fans than men do. :\

It's a product of our society viewing women as more helpless, and therefore more fragile victims and makes villains seem worse for killing them. Bonus point for adding fear and weakness into the equation b/c it makes the villain look more awful. :\

Killing off men is more "meh" unless it's an established character to lend "OMG" factor. But if the writerjust needs a quick gimmicky death to make fans go "omg" and dun have the editorial consent to use a major char, then it's time to grab the closest woman or child (or family member) they ARE allowed to kill and toss them in to get a fan reaction :(

I just wish that the writers or editorial staff would find better ways to write stories without always killing somebody SIMPLY to raise sales for ONE book for ONE week :\